Daily Horoscope for Cancer

(JUNE 21 - JULY 22)

by bud

Horoscopes cast for Tuesday, December 7th, 2021

The Daily Horoscope Summary for Cancer...

One of those things in life that people never really seem to want to hear is "Play with the hand you're dealt". It's an inevitable part of life - there are things we can control, but also plenty of things we can't. The things we have no power ultimately shape the things that we can impact, and in many ways, this is where a lot of the magic of life comes to life. Things like overcoming adversity or redefining situations so they're more beneficial all stem from this sort of dynamic.

When you think about the current situations in your life, you're going to initially look at them from an individual perspective, where you might be trying too hard to fit your wants and desires into situations that frankly weren't built for them. The universe can put some options out there for you, but if you reject them all, you're not giving yourself much to work with. That's the crux of the present energy. In many ways, you've got to try to make something out of what's there. It's like looking through the kitchen, not loving the ingredients you have lying around, and either concocting something that might end up being okay, or going hungry out of protest. Many will choose the latter right now, but you don't have to be one of them. Tap into your creativity and see what you might come up with. Best of luck.


The Daily Horoscope for Cancer...

There can be some good deals out there, but you're going to be really prone to talking yourself out of them. A large part of this is because of this feeling inside that you have to "win" every deal you're a part of. If the other side is benefitting, it's going to seem to you like you left something on the table. But that's not really true. There can be arrangements that work well for everybody, and if something like that ends up on the table, then you'd be wise to take it.

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Daily Tao

Yield and remain whole
Bend and remain straight
Be low and become filled
Be worn out and become renewed
Have little and receive
Have much and be confused
Therefore the sages hold to the one as an example for the world
Without flaunting themselves – and so are seen clearly
Without presuming themselves – and so are distinguished
Without praising themselves – and so have merit
Without boasting about themselves – and so are lasting

Because they do not contend, the world cannot contend with them
What the ancients called "the one who yields and remains whole"
Were they speaking empty words?
Sincerity becoming whole, and returning to oneself

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