The info on this page is based upon YOUR Natal Chart!

If you break out a telescope and look up to the night sky... You will notice that the planets do not appear in the usual horoscope "signs"... That the normal chart shows Jupiter appearing in Scorpio (at the time of this writing) but when you look to the night sky it is still located in the sign of Libra (the sign before it)...

I won't bore you with all the usual Astro-Babble... But what it comes down to is that the Earth has a wobble in the way it rotates... It takes about 26,000 years for one complete rotation... (called the Precession of the Equinox)... Right now, the planets are about 24 degrees behind the position shown in most western horoscopes... That is because we are about 1700 years into this current "wobble" cycle.

Most western astrologers use today is called the "Tropical Zodiac"... These charts show where the planet positions would be at the start of the Precession Cycle that points to 0 degrees of the sign of Aries.

Many other cultures however to use the "Sidereal Zodiac" that shows the positions of the planet as they appear in the current sky... (i personally use both systems)... The text below describes you sidereal chart as it appeared in the Sky at your Birth.