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When a planet transits (connects) to a House Cusp, this is a signal that BIG THINGS will happen..!!!
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Natal House Cusp Contacts

Solar House Cusp Contacts

Mars is connecting to Cusp # 4
Fondness and appreciation for the past and for your roots in life take on greater importance for you now. Making your home situation more pleasant and attractive plays a part in this, and the sale or purchase of real estate could bring you much gain before this cycle is through. You may yearn for family harmony.

Saturn is connecting to Cusp # 12
Helping those who cannot help themselves - and getting such help if you need it - is an essential lesson now. There's a guardian angel or mentor to be found if you need one, and you may have the opportunity to play such a role for someone else.

Pluto is connecting to Cusp # 11
Futuristic ideas and social reform have a way of changing your life now. Friends or groups you associate with have an element of mystery or idealism about them - perhaps an aura of the mystical or psychic, or even a certain amount of deception. You become involved with causes you believe in.